Warbler's Pissed Off Cousin

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  • Corvid
  • Corvid

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Aggressive lines. Pitch black rat rod finish. Active EMG 81/85 pickups. Schaller 3D-6 bridge. 

The Corvid is the pissed off cousin of the Warbler. Its soul is terrifying.

Super-fast, ultra-durable Corvid finish

Our proprietary Corvid finish is the fastest neck and body finish around. It's the first thing every shredder notices when they pick up a Corvid. The finish has a slight texture that makes the Corvid so fast to play even in sweating hands and hour-long sets. And this stuff is built to last -- it's extremely hard to scratch and nearly invisible if you do. Blood, sweat and beer are easily washed off with a mild detergent. 


EMG USA makes the best active circuit pickups on Earth. If you're looking to melt faces or just love the sound of a balanced, articulate active pickup, that's your ticket. By using a single EMG 85 active pickup, the strings are unencumbered by the strong magnet pull of a passive neck humbucker, resulting in noticeably greater sustain.

Top-drawer hardware

It doesn't matter how distorted your tone, a guitar that can't stay in tune is going to sound like shit. That's why we chose to go with a set of 6 in line Hipshot USA locking tuners. With a 16:1 tuning ratio and staggered pole pieces, tuning stability is no longer a concern. The Schaller 3D-6 top-loading roller bridge allows for three dimensions of saddle adjustment, meaning you're going to have the slickest, lowest action possible.

Aggressive styling

The Corvid was designed from the ground up to be as aesthetically elegant as it is technically superior. Those points aren't just for show, they're also designed to give you a fighting chance against any beast of darkness, hordes of undead, or dumbass stage-crashing fans you may accidentally(?) summon throughout a set. While the Corvid is mainly styled for playing standing up, the lines are placed to avoid painful jabs when seated as well. Top fret access is ample, and the body/neck balance is perfected with the extended upper horn.

Corvid 6 in line headstock

Corvids come with a pointy-er version of our 6 in line headstock.

Body Wood: Basswood
Body Shape: Corvid
Body Finish: Corvid Black Matte
Bridge: Schaller 3D-6 with 3 dimensions of saddle adjustment (Black)
Tuners: Hipshot USA 16:1 Classic Locking
Pickups: EMG or Hand Biters
Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone
Circuitry: EMG pots/wiring, Switchcraft jack
Knobs: Black
Neck Material: Maple with Responsibly Sourced Ebony Fretboard
Neck Scale: 25.5
Neck Finish: Corvid Black Matte
Nut: Bone 
Strings: DR Black Beauties, .010's
Inlay: None


Current lead time on Corvids is 12 weeks. Corvids are not available to ship outside the USA.

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